Thanks to (and from) Our Wonderful Interim Rector, Jim Croom

Mark your calendar for

Jim is going to honor us with a concert! This is his way of expressing thanks for all the love that St. Anne’s have given him in these past months. He will be performing works from opera and music theatre, accompanied by David Pegg.

Parish Life will be hosting a reception after this concert and requests that members bring various plate-ready finger foods.

An Homage from Ron Sigrist, Senior Warden

Jim has been a very good Interim Rector for St. Anne’s. He helped us continue to grow as a loving community and dealt well with all the issues that arose during his time with us. Being an Interim Rector is a difficult and emotional task but Jim was able to be a good supporter of St. Anne’s as St. Anne’s was a good supporter of him. The congregation really appreciated Jim’s ministry, sermons and wonderful support.

In our last days with Jim we give our grateful thanks for everything he has done for us. We are very sad to see Jim leave us but we understand what his role as Interim Rector means. We were very fortunate to have had Jim to work and pray with us during this interim period which is now ending. Jim will have new challenges as he moves into his next assignment but we at St. Ann’s know that the next church will be very lucky to have Jim to work with them. We will continue to pray for Jim as he moves into his next ministry location and we will continue to give our heartfelt thanks for Jim and his ministry with us.

As has been announced, Jim’s last Sunday here at St. Anne’s will be .